"Discover- Develop- Deploy" is the motto at of Mindfarm Novatech.

We, Mindfarmers - at Mindfarm Novatech believe in developing a solution for a problem at hand.When the solution can be multiplied economically, it can be used profitably to address unmet needs. As of now we address health and wellness segment.

We believe in principles of ‘Reverse Pharmacology’. A phrase coined for very Indian concept, developed by known pharmacologist Dr Ashok D B Vaidya.

"Reverse pharmacology" is the science of integrating documented clinical/ experiential hits, into leads by trans-disciplinary exploratory studies further developing these into a drug candidates by experimental and clinical research.

Acknowledging that any drug development activity is a time consuming and resource-intensive activity, MNova has developed and customized a business strategy, that capitalizes the incremental developments. Spin off products from incremental research, such as cosmetics can be developed, while continuing the value adding options for long term.

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